2 Nights in Vienna – Girls Trip x Ruby Hotels

I am back from a Girls Trip in Vienna where I have spent three days with my best friend Eva. As I’ve never been to Vienna before, I was really excited to spend a weekend there with one of my favorite persons.

Our Hotel 

We were happy to stay at the Ruby Hotel, a hotel wich is directly situated in the shopping street of Vienna. Our hotel room was a loft on the 8th floor and we therefore had a big terrace with a nice view over the city.

Besides of the hotel in Vienna, there are several other hotels of this chain in German cities such as Munich, Hamburg and Frankfurt. Hotel itself was very modern and offers special features such as a self-check-in on an iPad. In addition to that, no check-out is required as the invoice will be sent out by e-mail after leaving.

The breakfast room was quite big and it is also possible to enjoy your breakfast outside on a big terrace when the weather is nice. As it was really hot that weekend we decided to take our breakfast outside in the sun.


As my train already left at 7 o’clock in the morning, I had to get up really early. The whole journey to Vienna took me 8h by train including an 1hour layover in Munich. A 3 o’clock in, I finally made it to Vienna where my best friend Eva has already waited for me to arrive.

We first made a quick stop at the hotel to leave our luggage there and to change outfits. As we both were really hungry, we decided to go and grab dinner at a burger store which was located just around the corner and which fortunately also offered vegan burgers and sweet potato fries.

As always, best friends always got a lot to tell each other. We therefore decided to spend a lazy evening in our hotel room.

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We started our second day with a big and healthy breakfast after sleeping in until 8 o’clock. The breakfast buffet offered different kind of breads, fresh fruit such as watermelon, a big selection of cereal and toppings such as dried fruit besides of cheese, sausage and jam.

With our tummies full of food we then decided to go for a little shopping tour before visiting the city. As it was super hot with up to 30° dregrees, we got thirsty and hungry really quickly and made a late lunch stop at a café. We both ordered an Acai-Bowl and I also went for an Avocado-Toast which we enjoyed in the shadow to take a break.

For our evening program we decided to have Sushi – all you can eat of course. Before going out in a club when first had to chill in our hotel bed.

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As both our trains already left at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, we got up quite early despite of a long night out. After having breakfast and packing our suitcases we then decided to visit the castle Belvedere. Before our trains left, we had to get some food for our long train rides. As I only arrived nearly midnight, I was really happy to go straight to bed.

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