Tomorrowland 2017 – B-eat by Las Vegas Experience

Tomorrowland.. one of the best experiences I have ever made. It has always been my dream to go to tomorrowland one day. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to get tickets as they are sold out within seconds. People from all over the world are trying to part of this magical journey.

When I got asked by Vegas if I would like to come to Tomorrowland to be part of this 3 day festival trip and to experience Vegas’ B-eat session, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Of course I made everything possible to make my dream come true!

After spending 2 weeks in Cardiff with my family for my graduation and to visit Wales, we luckily made our way back home through Belgium so that my parents could easily drop me off in Brussels at my hotel. I stayed at “The Hotel” for 2 nights where you could find people from all over the world all with the same purpose: going to the festival.

The Hotel

After having checked in, I got ready for the first day at Tomorrowland. The festival itself took place in Boom, a small village 30mins away from Brussels. Before entering the festival area, we got our tickets and had to go through a security check.

From far away, you could already hear music from the several stages: one stage with a different music genre and a different DJ. Everywhere people dancing around, drinking and having fun. I have to admit that it’s not everyone’s music taste, but when I go out I love to listen to electro, house or techno. In private, I prefer to listen to hip hop.

After getting some drinks and walking around the area, we made our way to the main stage to see famous the DJ’s such as Steve Aoki, Axwell, Martin Garrix & Co. I nearly had goosebumps all the time as this whole place was just magical und it felt so unreal to be there.

Of course we also had to make use of all the different places to eat. You could find little food stands in some special areas of the festival offering all different kind of food tastes: pizza, pasta, wraps, Chinese, Libanese.. Luckily, I could also find some vegan options.

The Tomorrowland Area


On Saturday, I was invited by Vegas to take part at one of their so called B-eat sessions which took place in a separate hall behind the main stage and which people could book as an extra to their Tomorrowland experience.

The B-eat Session was hosted by Las Vegas. The place itself was a big hall with a lot of space to dance, a bar to grab some drinks and a DJ desk. Behind that, a big kitchen with gourmet chefs, mainly from the United States, was ready to cook for the festival guests attending their B-eat session. Guests could see famous DJ’s such as Afrojack, Laidback Luke or W&W playing there music while dancing around, drinking and enjoying some special food made by the gourmet chefs right in place.

The mood was fantastic and even the DJ’s where taking selfies, having fun and engaging the fans. One of the executive chefs was even pouring champagne to people near the DJ desk. The main aim of this revolutionary music and food experience was to bring  Las Vegas as a destination nearer to the European market – with success.

The B-eat Session

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to last day of the festival as my train to Paris already left at 6am and I had to repack my suitcase for another 3 day journey together with my sister.

However, I really enjoyed the other 2 days at tomorrowland and if I had the possibility to be part of it next year, I would definitely go again. I really appreciate that Vegas invited me and I will forever be thankful for the best weekend I ever had!

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